fitkr - create your own fitness app

Create your own fitness app

Earn a monthly income with subscriptions having your own fitness app for web and mobile

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Followers to customers

Turn followers into paying subscribers of your own online fitness platform

For every device

Available for desktop, tablets and mobile browsers, or installed as a standalone mobile app

Use your brand

Customize it with your own brand color, logo and icon

Simple management

Add and modify your content, and have it instantly available to your users

Set your own price

You decide how much to charge subscribers

Start in minutes

Create your account, add your content, and share it today

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Build a vibrant fitness community

Give exclusive access to your content, tracking tools and more

Exclusive content

Your users will be able to browse your own library of plans, workouts, exercises and guides each with its own video and written instructions


Users may start your plans getting weekly instructions that you schedule using your workouts tracking their progress

Community feed

100 subscribers to unlock

People will be able to share and comment on their workouts, improving their motivation and incrementing interaction


500 subscribers to unlock

Users will get weekley emails with your new content, as well as workouts recommendations to keep them engaged

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Your own online fitness platform

  • Easy to remember URL
  • Upload exercises, workouts, plans and guides
  • Subscriptions management
  • Monitor your performance with subscribers and revenue stats
  • Build a long time relationship with your users having your app installed in their mobile phones
Start your online fitness business in minutes


We believe in your success and we want to grow with you. You set your own fitkr app's monthly price. We only charge a fixed 2 USD fee per subscriber per month.

You get paid once a month, the 100% of your set price, minus payment processing fees (~4% depending on payment method).

Your user's subscription fee example

  • You set your price at 10 USD
  • Our service charge is 2 USD

  • Your user's monthly susbscription will be 12 USD
  • You earn ~9.60 USD
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